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Bikejor - Scooter

Bikejor  and scootering are some of the fastest disciplines of sled dog sport and some of the fastest growing.


In Bikejor an athlete typically uses a mountain bike which in turn is connected via a line to their dog using a harness. The dog assists the rider as they pedal to try and match the dog's speed.


Many races now include a bikejor class and some of the times posted can rival even a  6 dog team!


Dogs need to be focused and have excellent commands, and be able to pass other teams and distractions.


Another discipline of the sport to get your dog into is dog scootering. A specially designed off road scooter with 1 or 2 dogs attached is ridden by the athelte as the dog/s in harness pull via a line attached to the scooter. Athletes assist the dogs by scooting.  Easy to store, transport and use scooters are relatively cheap compared to rigs and sleds. Races often hold a class especially for this discipline and the IFSS have a 2 dog class in which scooters or rigs can be used,



Bikejor: 1 Dog, 1 Rider using a push bike, normally a  mountain bike or cyclocross bike.


1 or 2 dogs with 1 rider using a dog scooter.

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Many race organisations now offer Open and Registered Nordic Breed classes. To compete in the registered Nordic Class (NB) dogs must be one of the recognised Nordic Sled dog breeds, such as Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute, and hold a Kennel Club number and paperwork for their home countries Kennel Club.


Dogs without KC paperwork compete in Open classes.

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