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Forthcoming  Great Britain team events:


ECF European Championships 2017

Santa Maria Maggiore (VB), Italy.

October 12th - 15th


IFSS World Championships Dryland 2017

Kozle-Szamotuly, Poland.

November 23rd - 26th.



Full details of the team invitation / selection process will be announced closer to the event.


WADA Anti Doping code will be enforced so please read all Anti-Doping information carefully. It is advised to also read the Anti-Doping page on this website.


Please find below the BSSF’s Athlete Selection Details


This Selection is based on results from the qualification races over the previous season.



The selection has been based on the winner/winners of the qualifying races and or second place where applicable, followed by the least amount of time elapsed between the winners and fastest next placed athletes down to last place over the qualifying events from the relevant qualifying season.


Some classifications may be merged for the purpose of selection and are indicated on the classification title on the selection list.


The Selection list is based in 2 parts:


1. Selected Athletes ( in Unranked Order).

2. Reserve List (Order of fastest results after selected athletes have been chosen).


1. Athletes in the ‘Selected’ sections of each classification have been selected to represent the Great British Team. 


These Athletes should indicate their acceptance of their place to compete at the European Championships at the earliest opportunity to the VP for Sport.


2. Athletes in the ‘Reserve’ listing of each classification have been selected in ranked order of results as reserves.


These athletes will, in place order, be accepted to replace ‘Selected’ Athletes who have chosen not to take their place on the team or if additional places become free.


It is expected that we will be offered more places in addition to our quotas. Please note that this is not guaranteed and hence is not a confirmation of a place on the team.


It is strongly recommended that if you think you may wish to enter, yet are in the ‘reserved’  list then you should indicate your level of interest with the VP for Sport at the earliest opportunity and if possible book the corresponding time off from your work in case.


Please note Important Information:


All athletes attending the IFSS or ECF Championships, shall be fully paid members of the BSSF prior to entries being submitted.


For IFSS championships. All athletes shall hold a current IFSS Driver Identification Number ( D.I.D ), obtained from the BSSF prior to your entry being submitted to the BSSF.


All athletes both Canine and Human should be aware they may, on attendance to the race, be required to undergo World Anti Doping Authority ( WADA ) dope testing at the request of WADA. You should make yourself aware of the IFSS rules and regulations regarding this via the IFSS website. We will be posting detailed information on this in the coming weeks. Please feel free to ask any questions.


All Athletes will have read and understand the current IFSS rules and regulations, available on the IFSS website. If you have ANY questions, please contact VP for Sport for Clarification.


All athletes shall hold relevant insurance covering them to race and may be required to show documents at the athlete sign in / vet checks.


All dogs attending for competition shall undergo a vet check. Details on the official invitation.


Please note all dogs participating in a race shall be vaccinated according to the IFSS Animal Welfare Committee’s recommendations.


The IFSS Chief Veterinarian has, by recommendation as of April 16, 2007, suggested that the mandatory vaccinations shall be: Rabies Virus, Canine Parvovirus, Distemper and Canine Kennel Cough Complex (bordetella parainflulenza virus, canine adenovirus 2).


All dogs should be vaccinated within 12 months in all cases and more than 21 days before the race in the case of prime vaccination.


Vaccinations need to be done in accordance with regulations of the host country in which the race is taking place.


All athletes representing Great Britain will be expected to enter into the spirit of the competition and uphold the name of the BSSF, Great Britain and the sport at all times. Please note you may be required for media interviews.


Details of GB Team uniform will be made available in due course.


For any queries and questions, please contact the VP for Sport Immediately via email: 


British Team

The British Team:





The British Team:




DBM    Daniel


DBM    Russell


DBW    Vickie Pullin

DBW    Rebecca Grant

DBW    Natasha Susnik

DBMV 1 Jason Pascoe

DBMV 1 Gareth Bowyer

DBMV 1 Alan Sherwin

DBMV 1 Andy Mott

DBWV 1 Anna Williams

DBWV 1 Elaine Sherwin

DBMV 2 Mark Mazzucca

DBWV 2 Chantelle    


DSM 1  Scott Bell

DSW 1  Vickie Pullin

DSMV 1 Simon Lamen

CM     Ben Robinson

CM     Robert Russell

CW     Lucy Matthews

CW     Natasha Susnik

CW     Rebecca Grant

CW     Sarah Pepper

CW     Anna Backhaus

CW     Jess Horth

CMV 1  Tim Ellis

CMV 1  Chris Lockhart

CWV 1  Elaine Sherwin

CWV 1  Mandy Williams

CWV 1  Cushla Lamen

CMV 2  Matthew


CWV 2  Susie Tawney

CWV 2  Kim Mazzucca

CJM    Rowan Saxton

CJB    Jonathan


CJB    Logan Bell

CJG    Scarlett


IFSS Poland




DR6RNB  Ems Hammersley

DR6RNB  Mary Carter

DR6     Ben Turrell

DR4RNB  Jessica Wright

DR4JRNB Shauna Ward

DR4     Vickie Pullin

DR4     Daniel Wagstaff

DS2RNB  Vickie Pullin

DS2RNB  Shelley Lawrence

DS2     Anna Williams

DSW1    Ellyn Camacho

DSM1    Trevor Milford

DCWV    Susie Tawney

DCWV    Elaine Sherwin

DCWV    Kim Mazzucca

DCWJ    Jada Amoah

DCW     Lindsay Johnson

DCW     Sarah Pepper

DCW   Agata Aleksandra  


DCMV    Tim Ellis

DCMV    Matthew Robinson

DCMV    Jason Pascoe

DCM     Ben Robinson

DBWVRNB Anna Williams

DBWV    Chantelle


DBWV    Anna Williams

DBWJ    Anca Hall-Rosu

DBW     Vickie Pullin

DBW     Ellyn Camacho

DBM     James Leonard

DBM     Daniel