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Vice President for Sport



Vice President for Financial Affairs

Executive Director

Your Council:

Your council members are here to work on behalf of  you and the sled dog sports community in the UK.


Whether you are a novice starting out in the sport here in the UK, an experienced athlete  looking to compete abroad for the first time were here for all!


We also work with other national governing bodies, sled dog clubs, associations, race organisations and various forms of media.


Please feel free to contact the council members if you need any advice, information or assistance.

Sharon Grocock

Matt Hammersley

Tobias Leask

Affiliated to:

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The BSSF is the full member of the IFSS and the UK representative member for the ICF


Over the coming months we aim to become affiliated to other NGO's



The BSSF is a sport for all organisation that adheres to the promise of equality for all athletes.






Delegates to the ICF:



Cushla Lamen

Anti-Doping Officer:



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Vice President for Financial Affairs

Team Sports representative

Mono Sports representative


Position TBC

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Jess Horth


Vice President for Development

Position TBC