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2017 ECF/ICF

Bikejor Men Masters 2

Silver Medallist

 Mark Mazzucca

I was worried before , the boy Dusan wouldn’t be mentally ready for the circus for what is the ECF European Canicross, bikejor ,scooter Championships in ITALY , such a shy boy , he struggles to cope with people especially in Hi -Viz and the Vet Checks. I didn’t think I would be able to coax him across the finish line to run towards the mass of people that filled the finish shoot , but it brought a proud tear to our eyes ,when not only did he run like the wind but crossed the end on both days to achieve the Silver medal position in the v2 bikejor ,there’s still lots of work to do yet (more shopping trips in the city ,and take your dog to work days ) but the Experience for him was totally worthwhile

Mark Mazzucca