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BSSF Membership Public Liability Insurance


Terms And Conditions August 2018

All new or renewed memberships taken out after 1st August 2018 will be covered by our membership insurance policy and members indemnified up to £5,000,000 for their legal liability to pay damages (including claimant’s costs and expenses) in accordance with UK Law for accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage caused whilst training and racing (dryland and on-snow) at races organised by the organisations listed on our website in accordance with BSSF guidelines in UK, Europe and Norway subject to an excess of £500 in respect of Third Party Property Damage.


The policy excludes liability arising from:-

•training or racing of dogs on Public Highways.

•the use of dogs of a restricted breed as defined in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or subsequent legislation.

•any liability directly or indirectly resulting from, or in consequence of, any Injury caused by any dog to any other dog

•The use of a quad or any other motor vehicle in circumstances where compulsory insurance is required, for example use on a public highway or bridleway.


All reasonable precautions should be taken to prevent a foreseeable risk of harm, including but not limited to:


•Dogs must be kept under physical restraint and, if not adequately tethered or confined, under the control of a competent handler at all times.

•Headgear must be used at all times except for activities involving canicross

•Surfaces and temperatures must be suitable for dog training. We advise training in temperatures below 16 degrees and no tarmac surfaces.


The use of Quad Bikes in Training

For our insurance purposes Quad Bikes can only be used for training purposes under the following terms and conditions:

•If you use the quad bike on a public highway including bridleways or public car parks/spaces then you must have a separate MOTOR INSURANCE POLICY IN YOUR OWN NAME. This is a compulsory requirement under the law.

•A BSSF Quad Bike Risk Assessment Form must be completed by the member for each location prior to training with a quad bike.This can be downloaded here and from our documents page  If it is unsafe to do so, do not train.

• You must have the land owner’s permission to use a quad bike

•Usage is restricted to land owner / land management approved tracks and trails only

•Speeds must not be in excess of 20 mph

•Dog teams must be in harness and attached only in an appropriate manner using recognised sled dog equipment techniques at front push bar / bumper of quad bike.

•All equipment both mechanically, in use by human and canine should be checked before use for excessive wear and tear and made good before use.

•Driving Lights to be switched on during use to alert other users as well as for visibility at night, a spare light or head torch shall be carried.

•Appropriate helmet to be worn at all times when in use.

•Driving to be kept to an orderly manner, slowing for other users, cornering and turns and speed kept to an appropriate level depending on terrain.

•Driver should remain seated.

•You should not carry passengers.

•Appropriate experience required by all users.

•First Aid equipment for humans and dogs should be carried on the quad bike. It is also recommended to carry a blunt nose knife for cutting of lines in the case of an emergency and spare lines in case of need of emergency repair.

•It is advised a mobile phone, or radio walkie talkie be carried for emergency use or contact with the stake out or other teams on the trail.

•No free running dogs are allowed.

•A horn shall be fitted and working to the quad bike.

•Tyres shall be in good useable condition set to the correct pressure of inflation.

• Steep side hill and up hill trails should be avoided to prevent tipping. Similarly care should be taken on tight corners.

•Quadbikes of a size appropriate to the team, use of training sled dog teams should only be used, Mini / children’s quadbikes are not permitted to be used.


Contact with members of the public

•Speed to be kept to 20 mph maximum at all times unless passing general public when speed should be slowed to 5 mph or less until well clear.

•Be prepared to stop and give way to pedestrians, dog teams and other users.

•Driving lights to be kept on when in use.

•Users shall be polite and courteous and give way to other users at all times.


Risk to wildlife  

•Wildlife have right of way.

•Approved tracks and trails to be used and sensitive areas of conservation should be avoided where possible.

•Awareness of wildlife should be taken in to consideration before use.


Damage to the environment

•Oil and Petrol spillages are cleaned up immediately.

•Fuel to be kept in approved containers and dispensed on hard ground where spillages can be cleaned up.

•Quad to be in good mechanical condition.

•Speed should be kept down to avoid unnecessary damage when using off road tyres.

•Driving to be kept to approved tracks and trails and no off-road driving to be done.


We would like to remind you that our insurance policy specifically excludes liability where the use of a quad or any other motor vehicle is in circumstances where compulsory insurance is required, for example use on a public highway or bridleway.



The above terms may be subject to change and will be notified to members immediately, as a matter of urgency.





Please note that in relation to any allegation of claim or injury that requires reporting, you must immediately contact our Insurance Brokers using the contact details sent to you with your welcome email when you joined.


Please note, the BSSF do not deal with any claims directly. ALL CLAIMS ETC MUST be directed to the Broker without delay.


We may share personal data with this broker for matters relating to this Insurance. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available on request.


In addition to these terms please read our guidelines available on our documents page.








This list will be updated each month so please check.


If the organisation is not currently listed please contact us BEFORE you enter the race as you may not be covered by our insurance. Please email the executive director including your name and membership number


August 2018 list