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National Champions 2017/18

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Class Identifier explained.


D: Dry land race, not on Snow


DR: Rig, a 3 or 4 wheeled buggy. The number  indicating the maximum number of dogs in the team.


DB: Bikejor with 1 dog


DS: Scooter, DS1 with 1 dog DS2 with 2 dogs.


DC: Canicross with 1 dog.


M: Men's class


W: Women's class


V: Veteran class, 40+.


J,Y,SG: Junior class. optionally with age range.


NB: Nordic breed dogs. All dogs within the team must come from one or more of the Nordic sled dog breeds


Alaskan Malamute

Canadian Eskimo dog

Greenland dog


Siberian Husky