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FOR THE 2018/19





 12th - 13th JANUARY 2019 - RENDLESHAM - ENGLAND







Championship details:

Each of the above 6 dates will count as a stand alone event with your 4 best results to count towards your National Championship overall result.


At each of the three weekends, athletes will be eligible to earn World Cup points and BSSF Ranking points and as such athletes must race with the same dogs at each individual weekend.


Competitors wishing to gain points towards their National Ranking MUST be BSSF members before the race they are wishing to gain points at. So if you are a BSSF member before race 1 then you are eligIble for ranking points from all three rounds, if you are not a BSSF member points will not be eligIble towards your ranking at round 1, however if you join before round 2 then points from rounds 2 & 3 are eligIble. Points cannot be awarded retrospectively for rounds where competitors are not BSSF members.




The Race Points Score (RPS) credited to each individual participant in each race is based on the overall/final results of the race as follows:


RPS = (Duration factor) X (Winner’s time overall / Individual’s time overall) X 1000 rounded down to the lower unit.


For a one heat (or one stage) race, the Duration factor shall be 0.8, for a 2 or more heats (or stages) race the factor will be 1.0.


There should be a minimum of 5 starters in a class for the race to be counted in the World Cup, but BSSF National Ranking points will be awarded. (This minimum number of starters is dropped to 3 for Ski dog style classes and junior classes for IFSS World cup).


With regard to IFSS World Cup points only, If men and women are mixed in a class where they are normally ranked separately, their points will be calculated as participants of one single class if there are less than five of either gender.


If there are classes with less than 5 participants, they may be joined with similar style classes, if run on the same trail together with no break between the classes, and then may separated later for point score calculations. Their points will be calculated as participants of one single class.


The overall results of the National Championships will also provide the selection process for the Team GB athletes attending the IFSS World Championships hosted by Sweden in 2018.


The results will also be used to select the team attending the ICF Championships in 2019 in case of there being a limited entry quota assigned to each country.


UK athletes can potentially earn World Cup points at 3 races this year.


In order to earn points in the world rankings athletes will require a DID number and this can be applied for when renewing your membership or when you join. (Just select the option from the drop down box.)



This is an opportunity for all our athletes to earn a National Champion title and a UK ranking acknowledged by both the International Canicross Federation (ICF) and the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS).


Any questions should be directed to the members of the BSSF Sport committee via Matt email: or in case of the monosports to Cushla via: email  to


Full race rules can be downloaded from the documents page.


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