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Snow Sled - On Snow

This is what we all dream of, fresh white snow, blue skies and a well groomed trail!


Although its is relatively infrequent that we get to race on snow in the UK, it does happen at least once a year and when it does, mushers across the country break out the sleds!


Of course, travel abroad and it is a more regular occurrence with many races held on snow in europe, scandinavia and north america.


British Athletes and their teams compete in all the various disciplines of the sport. From long distance races like the world famous Iditarod and Yukon Quest 1000 mile long distance races, to mid distance races and of course the sprint races of the IFSS World  Championships, British teams have been and are competing against the best.



This years On Snow world championships are due to be held in :


Please check back for more information as the site progresses, we are adding to it all the time !








sled dog silhouette



Sprint from 4 - 15 miles (24km)


Mid Distance

50 - 156 miles

(80 - 250km)


Long Distance

more than 156 miles

(250km plus)