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Tobias Leask

I have been racing Sled dogs for about 20 years and currently have a kennel of 40 dogs. I mainly race in 6 or 8 dog category but have competed in every discipline over the years.


I have a mixed kennel of Siberian Huskies, Scandinavian Hounds and rescue dogs and we live and work in the Scottish highlands. As well as racing we also operate a Sled dog adventure business taking clients out with 10 dog teams.


I have been lucky enough in recent years to have competed abroad at World and European championships for my country and hope by working within the BSSF to encourage competitors from all disciplines to do the same.


I am passionate about Sled dog sports and have worked with many organisations to move the sport in this country forward. I am very proud of the achievements the BSSF has made since its formation and I look forward to the many exciting projects that are in the pipeline.

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Vice President for Financial Affairs